Positioning and Welding Equipment

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Har-Bach Positioning offers equipment rental programs from one month to a year or more to fit your specific needs. Turning Rolls, Welding Positioners and Welding Head Manipulators are some of the most sought after welding equipment and we have inventory ready for dispatch.

Programs can be custom-tailored to suit your requirements for a short or long-term rental and options to purchase.

Companies are faced with ever-increasing pressures to boost production and revenue while reducing costs. We make it possible through the Har-Bach Positioning rental program. Capital expenditures for Turning Rolls, Welding Positioners and Welding Head Manipulators can be lowered significantly as you use the equipment only when needed. The cost of rentals can be incorporated into the job cost which has become a common occurrence in today's economy. Increased production requires valuable real estate you can reclaim by returning the equipment when it’s not in use. When the need arises again, give us a call and have quality Har-Bach Positioning equipment back in your facility to keep your projects going. Check with your tax professional for advice on the tax benefits to renting.

•    Equipment available when you need it

•    No need to store idle equipment

•    No capital expenditure process

•    Free-up manufacturing space

•    Rental programs tailored to your needs

•    Rent-to-purchase programs available